Goran Nikolic

Goran is an Australian Sign Language user who is founder IDAZ09, IDAZ09 Nations, IDAZ09 Card, IDAZ09 Kiosk, Clientree, Merchantree, Authentic, Compelless, Data Decency and a creative at heart who has become more technical over the years and lover of simple, effective security client infromation design. He quickly developed a passion for security client information design and front development which has never left him as a role his all or nothing approach to getting things right suits perfectly.


The name IDAZ09 is exclusive

It is an alphanumeric combination between:

ID, identity.

AZ, the characters of the alphabet between A - Z.

09, the numbers between 0 - 9.

Why IDAZ09, all languages are the same as the above, and are not exclusive.